1. We recommend splicing any iron rod or wood pole over 106" to save on shipping charges. Rods or poles not specified as one piece in the order will be spliced in the center, unless splice location is otherwise noted.

  2. Iron rods can be spliced together to provide any length using a rod connector (Product #300).

  3. Wood poles can be spliced together to provide any length by using a metal connector for wood poles (Product #5056).

  4. Wood poles are priced as per minimum sections (4', 6', 8' & 12'). For example a 4' 8" Pole will be charged at 6'.

  5. Items priced per foot are rounded up or down at six inches; i.e. up to 5 7/8" is rounded down to the nearest foot, 6" and above are rounded up to the nearest foot.

  6. Most iron rods can be bent. Please add the appropriate bending charge (Product 101, 102 or 103).

  7. When finials are ordered without Iron Art rods, they will be provided as exterior fit unless otherwise specified. If the finials are being used with something other than Iron Art rods, they MUST be exterior fit.

  8. Any wood or iron rings (except the "C" Ring, Product #330C) or brackets may be utilized interchangeably with iron rods or wood poles.

  9. Please note that the various collection prices are for finials only (except for the Oasis Collection, which are sold as sets only), and does NOT include iron rods, wood poles or brackets, which need to be ordered separately.

  10. All wood and resin finials are attached to wood poles using a screw-in fitting, which is included.

  11. Most finials may be utilized as tie backs and swag holders. Please see the tie backs and swag holders ordering information for complete details.

  12. Price List reflects prices in US$.

  13. Please refer to the catalog and price list for product dimensions and specifications.

  14. Specifications listed in the price list supercede those listed in the catalog.

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